Summer 2024 Message from the VP of Sponsorship

Mabuhay LCW Sponsors and College Donors,

I am honored to extend greetings on behalf of the sponsored children and college students you support. We are tremendously grateful for your generosity and consider you a true blessing. As we celebrate 37 years of LCW’s dedicated service to the children and youth in Dumaguete City, Philippines, we are truly amazed by God’s goodness. Your willingness to act as a conduit for God’s love enables LCW to positively impact lives daily. Thank you for creating miracles every day in the lives of your sponsored children and college students, including in my own life.

From initially rescuing 8 boys with just cardboard for shelter, we now sponsor 920 children-giving these children and youth a helping hand to escape poverty for themselves, their families, and the next generation. This summer, over 50 high school students and 19 college students celebrated their graduation milestones. Since 2001, 388 students have successfully graduated college and are making a positive impact in the world. LCW’s services reach over 6000 individuals, and the name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. All these successes would have been impossible without you. Your partnership, prayers, and support for this ministry are vital, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

I hope you will read about the ongoing fundraising initiatives like the Summer Giveaway and the Matching Funds Campaign in this issue, note the updates, and celebrate the successes. Your gifts allow us to continue to be God’s hands and feet. Finally, words fall short of expressing my deepest gratitude to you for investing in the life of these precious Filipino children.

Daghang Salamat – Thank you very much! And God bless you always,
Marie Lou Patrimonio Abbott, VP of Sponsorship