12/27/2021: The recovery efforts continue across all of Negros Oriental and other affected islands. Power, phone, and internet signal continue to fluctuate for various reasons, but communication is becoming much easier. Dumaguete was able to celebrate a fairly normal Christmas in spite of everything. LCP staff worked tirelessly to ensure gifts were distributed to all the communities.

The Handlcasp members located in the severely affected areas have not been able to be contacted. The roads are still blocked in most cases making a wellness check very difficult, if not impossible. The LCP staff are still working hard to ensure all our members and beneficiaries are safe. Please continue to pray for this situation because recovery has only just begun.

12/21/2021: There has been widespread destruction throughout Central Philippines. On the island of Negros, particularly the central area of Manjuyod, Bais, Mabinay, Jimalalud, Guihulngan, and many more were completely destroyed. There are several hundred reported deaths, people missing, and extensive devastation to homes, businesses, and land. We have Handclasp clients in those areas. We are prayerful for their safety, but we have not been able to reach them yet.

Thankfully, Dumaguete was mostly spared from the flooding and was only hit with very high winds causing some damage, but nothing like their neighboring towns and islands. Power and phone signal have been fluctuating which has made communication with LCP difficult, and at times, impossible. So far, we have been able to confirm that our communities in Dumaguete are safe and only a few families have reported severe damage. LCP facilities were not damaged with the exception of the entrance to Hope Village being crushed by a downed tree. We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection over LCP facilities and members.

Please continue to join us in prayer as we support the surrounding areas who were devastated by Typhoon Odette. We will continue to lift up our neighbors who were so deeply affected by this Typhoon. Donations are being accepted for the recovery efforts.

12/16/2021: Typhoon Odette is classified as a super typhoon which is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. The storm has torn through the Central Visayas and is currently hitting the Negros Island where LCP is located. Please join us in praying for the Philippines! We are praying for the safety of our members and staff, as well as making preparations for the aftermath. The high winds, flooding, and landslides have already caused significant damage, and the storm will continue to be very severe in to the morning Philippine time (night EST). Power outages have made communication difficult, but we will update as we learn more about the status of Dumaguete.

Once safe, LCP will check on the status of the members to know who sustained damage or injuries. We will update sponsors regarding the status of their sponsored children, if needed, as information becomes available.

Please keep this situation in your prayers, and if you are able, please consider donating.

1/11/2022: There were 11 houses that were identified with damage. From the donations received for the typhoon relief efforts, we were able to assist the families in purchasing materials to repair their homes. The repairs are underway. The rest of the island and the neighboring islands that were badly damaged are still in the process of rebuilding. Thank you for your prayers and support.