What is Little Children of the World?

Little Children of the World (LCW) is a Christian ministry dedicated to helping street children and children at risk in the Philippines through sponsorship, scholarships, and programs addressing urgent needs. These children are victims of extreme poverty and/or neglect, as well as vulnerable to abuse. LCW brings help and hope to more than 700 children through sponsorship and ministers to over 6000 people. LCW is the USA-based parent organization to Little Children of the Philippines in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

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Why Is Little Children of the World Special?

  • Relational

    We are a large ministry with a personal feel.

  • Holistic

    Our programs address both spiritual and physical needs.

our mission

Our mission is to help develop caring Christian communities for the world’s children at risk so they will be able to escape poverty and abuse. We share love by letting poverty stricken children know that someone cares about them, give help through financial partnership, and bring hope to those who have none through sharing Jesus.