Harrell Roda—Graduate of Accountancy

“I was a dreamer as a child, but as I grew older, I realized how cruel the world could be. My mother had to leave us to go abroad to work and my father was injured at work. This left me responsible for my siblings, even at my young age. And by God’s grace, one day I was sponsored. To my dearest sponsors: mere words fail to express the depth of gratitude I feel towards both of you. Armed with hope, determination, and the invaluable lessons bestowed upon me, I stand poised to seize new opportunities and weave a tapestry of positive change in the world.”

Estela Maurice Patong—Graduate of Hospitality Management

“I started attending LCP when I was 4 years old and graduated from the LCP Preschool program. My mother raised me alone, and I never met my father. We had very minimal income and life was so hard for my mom and I. God is good because I got a very generous and loving sponsor who supported me all the way. This all happened because of my sponsors gifts. Indeed, God has a plan in me and my mother’s lives. He provided our daily needs by sending LCP/LCW to our lives. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be, without LCP. To my Sponsors and donors, who supported me from my elementary until I finished my degree: Thank you very much!”

Keith Grafia—Graduate of Hospitality Management

“When I was in elementary school, my Papa died. We were left, and my Mama struggled to find ways to support us. We were sad and did not know what to do. It was LCP who gave us light in that experience. Sponsorship changed my life. In LCP, I learned the word of God, and this is my inspiration not to give up in life. Thanks especially to my sponsor and to my donors for their unending support and love throughout my journey. I am now a college graduate who has been hired to work in my field. I can now support my Mama since she supported me. This is the beginning of my journey to success.”