Donabel Salcedo and Lovely Ann Baldivino are just two of LCP’s most recent class of graduates, but they’re special in that they are the first students to ever finish college who were enrolled in LCP’s School on Wheels Program.

School on Wheels is a program designed to target out of school youth who are at risk of falling behind. These children are some of the poorest of the poor, and are often living in much worse conditions than the average sponsored child. The pull of the streets and the grips of abject poverty make these children particularly hard to reach and see through higher education. Pressures to work, lack of familial support, and lack of understanding about the long-term benefits of higher education are all important factors in these students dropping out prior to completion.

Donabel and Lovely defied the odds and have completed their college degrees!

Lovely graduated with a BS in Computer Technology and Donabel graduated with a BS in Office Administration. These ladies overcame insurmountable odds through financial hardships, familial strife, a global pandemic, and much more, but they are true pictures of how the opportunity for education can inspire greatness in spite of challenges.