The Peace and Faith Program sets the tone for all the activities at LCP. Education is critically important to changing lives, and meeting physical needs is our mission, but faith in Christ is our ‘why’ for all we do. Through our programs, children and their families are exposed to the Gospel and values formation that they carry with them throughout their lives.

We conduct many activities like Bible studies, Sunday school, weekly worship, VBS, Venture Youth Camp, and more that are the obvious manifestations of the Peace and Faith Program, but every program’s activities are informed by our commission. Whether one is receiving medical care, being fed in one of our soup kitchens, or living in one of our shelters for abused or neglected children, everyone feels the love of God, not just through words, but with practical action as we act as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our model is holistic and effective for changing lives! Your support is not simply a financial transaction, but a life-altering investment in an individual—practically and spiritually.