Leaving a Legacy, One Child at a Time

We say sponsorship changes lives, and it truly does. Some of our sponsors have been giving a hand up to a brighter future for many years. They have seen their sponsored children grow into adults and graduate from college, then take on another sponsored child. It is now 2018, and we are seeing a lot of second and third generation sponsors.

For example, Dwight and Lori Henderson have been sponsoring since 1993. They came with the Presbyterian Church in Sudbury group to give their time and services at LCP in July 2018. Since learning about LCW/LCP, they have supported 16 children. They have seen 4 of their sponsored children through high school graduation and the remaining 8 all the way through college. They currently support 2 children through sponsorship and 2 through college sponsorship.

Through their support, not only are their graduates working, they are thriving! Places of work all over the city and beyond have been touched because they gave. One of their graduates is even working as the psychometrician at the mental health office in Dumaguete, a highly sought-after and well-respected position.

During the Meet and Greet time with PCIS, Dwight and Lori’s current and former sponsored children and graduates came to show their appreciation to their donors. Without the Henderson’s, their lives would certainly be very different.

You can create a generational change, just like Dwight and Lori. Sponsoring just one child changes their life forever, not only that, it affects their families in the future in a good way. It breaks the cycle of poverty! Even if you cannot commit to monthly sponsorship all of our HELPS programs ae in need of funding, and contribute to changing lives for the better. Consider sponsoring a child or giving a financial gift today. Thank You!