Blessing Goes Both Ways

Sponsorship is a blessing to a child in need and their family, but for so many sponsors, it is more than just blessing others, sponsorship blesses them just as much! Through writing letters, yearly updates, and photos, you are able to garner a relationship with your sponsored child beyond the $35 of support per month.
Glen and Debbie Frasier have been sponsors since 2009. They sponsored Benjie Kilat when he was just 10 years old. His family was living on just $3 per day. They were struggling to have food on the table. He was quitting school because his family could not afford a school uniform for him. Benjie is now a successful college scholar who will graduate in 2020. He has served as the youth president and been a solid leader for younger youth.
Glen and Debbie saved every piece of correspondence they ever had with Benjie and his family—every picture, letter, and update in a scrapbook. They were so kind to share their beautiful memories with LCW staff when they were speaking at the Frasier’s church in October. Debbie shared “I decided to keep a scrapbook of all the letters, reports, and pictures so I could always remember the difference you can make in a child’s life.”
Benjie and his family were also saving their correspondence from the Frasiers! They keep every card and picture with the original envelope stored in their home away from where any harm could come to it. They are so thrilled with the difference that sponsorship has made in their lives.
When you agree to sponsor a child, not only will you be a blessing, but you will also be blessed. There are hundreds of children in our program who need a chance at a better life and an education. YOU can be that for a child and their family, TODAY!
All sponsored children treasure your letters and pictures dearly, just as you treasure their letters and pictures. How do you keep your sponsorship memories? Let us know at We’d love to know!