Personal notes to and from your sponsored child can be the best way to foster a personal relationship with them. They love to hear from you and enjoy writing to you. Sponsored children and their families like to write letters to express their appreciation for the generosity you are extending through their sponsorship and gifts. Of course, you will always receive at least 4 letters per year from your child as part of sponsorship, but you are welcome to write them anytime via written, mailed letter or email!

Email is an easy and convenient way to connect with your child. Emails are often a method of communication we are all using on a day to day basis, so this can be a better way to communicate more often than if you had to write and mail a physical letter. Either way works great, and your communications mean so much to your sponsored children.

For email, contact, write a note in the body of the email, attach any pictures or documents you would like to send, put the name of your child/children you are writing in the subject line, and be sure to sign your name/s at the bottom of the message. It’s that easy, and our sponsorship office will print your message and attachments for the family to keep, and you will hear back from your child within about a month. Please be patient, due to COVID restrictions, things can take longer.

Of course handwritten letters can be sent anytime! Either way, you will receive a response from your child, but it will take several months due to mail times. Now may be a good time to try emailing your child! It will mean so much to hear from you!

Email My Sponsored Child