Education is one of the foundations of this organization. We believe education is the only way to be able to break the cycle of poverty and give people a chance to build a better and brighter future for themselves.

All over the world, the pandemic has caused numerous problems with education. Unfortunately, with the necessary social distancing measures, school has become difficult to manage. With lack of access to the internet, no one to guide students in their lessons either due to parents working full time or not being educated enough themselves to be able to assist with learning, and a litany of other problems, the world is in a educational crisis.

Throughout this schoolyear, students in elementary through high school have been learning in modular format. This includes receiving a paper packet every week that is filled out and submitted back to the teacher at the end of the week. College students have online classes through various programs as well as some modular supplements to their learning.

The upcoming schoolyear still holds many questions, and all information is subject to change based on the guidelines set forth by the Philippine government for the opening of schools.

As of now, we expect to continue modular learning and online learning through the end of 2021. The new school year will begin in June for elementary through high school students after only a 2 week break at the end of May to make up for cancellations and delays in disseminating modules that took place earlier in the year. College will start the school year in August.

At LCP, we are doing our best to be able to support students through this time. LCP has a sizable library that is available to all members to be able to check out books, as well as a computer lab for the use of students to be able to complete assignments or attend online classes. The library coordinator, organizes a regular book exchange for early readers where she brings books to the communities and allows children to check out books for the month. In the communities, the sponsorship staff have done their best to identify those who are struggling with modular learning the most, and provide them with some tutoring services. The shelter children have two teachers who coordinate their lessons and facilitate learning of the modules.

It can be very difficult to identify who is struggling with the modules in the communities because in the end we cannot be 100% sure who is actually filling out the assignments. The years to come will be very telling of the impact that COVID-19 has had on the education of children all over the world. We remain hopeful for the day when we can safely return all children to in-person classes to resume schooling in the way we are all most familiar. However, in the meantime, please encourage your sponsored children to do their best in school and always do their modular work, even if it is hard, it will be important for their educational future. Your encouragement, means the world to them, especially during this difficult time.