As Covid Vaccines become available to more people, we pray that life will resume to at least a new normal. We have missed being together with family, friends, church, travel, and are all ready to feel spring and real living again. This is true here in the U.S. and the Philippines, as well as around the world. LCP still has many restrictions in place. Those under 18 and over 60 are still not allowed out of their communities. Mask with face shields are still required for entering any transportation or buildings. Group sizes are very limited; therefore, church at LCP is limited to 3 or 4 communities at one time. Costs have risen significantly, putting more stress on the poverty-stricken families. LCW/LCP continues to seek God’s wisdom as to how to strengthen our programs and help members, without putting more strain on slim resources. The families continue to barely survive day by day financially, with feelings of isolation, despair with the challenges of no face-to-face school, lack of understanding of the modules, and abilities of the parents to assist them, loneliness without interactions with friends and extended families, and fear of tomorrow and when will this nightmare ever end.

With your help, LCW/LCP continues striving to share our love and God’s love, give help in everyway possible, to bring them hope in Jesus, and change their lives now and for the future. We cannot do this without your support, encouragement, and prayers. This is a new year, but the struggles remain and LCW is still in needs of funds to carry on the mission God has given us. Please reach out to help us help the hurting, the hopeless, and those who so desperately need to feel love.  You are the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for all you do to make a difference. May God Bless Each of You and Keep You Safe and Healthy as we move forward together to make a better world.

With my love and prayers,

Glenna Waller