We believe art can be such a healing and restorative process. Often, children are able to express themselves through art in ways that are difficult to articulate with words. The children in our shelters often come from extremely difficult situations, often with many personal traumas. As part of our therapeutic interventions for these children,  expression of emotions through art, whether painting, drawing, music, or any other medium, is encouraged and has proven to be very helpful.

The children in our shelter are incredibly talented in many ways! Junel and Noemy (pictured below) are two youth in the Consuelo Home for Boys and Wee Women Home for Girls. They are both gifted artistically, and were selected to commission an art piece for the Department of Social Welfare of the Philippines region 7 competition. They chose the theme adoption and sponsorship, “Dili man tika ig-unsa, sa imong gugma ako abunda,” which translates to, “Even if we are not related, your love for me is abundant.”

The picture depicts the support that can come from people like educational, financial, and spiritual assistance found in adoption and   sponsorship, even though they are not blood related. Noemy and Junel worked very hard on their piece, and were able to win 3rd place out of all of region 7 of the Philippines which was over 100 other competitors from residential shelters all across Negros Oriental, Cebu, and Bohol. We are so proud of them for their hard work and achievement. We will continue to encourage all our children to express themselves through the arts as part of their therapeutic intervention. Congratulations to the LCP shelters,  specifically the artists Noemy and Junel, for winning 3rd place in this  prestigious competition!