As 2021 is well underway, hope for getting back to normal is starting to become more of a possibility. Our staff in the Philippines have worked tirelessly and, at times, at great risk, to be sure the assistive services were provided to your children all throughout this pandemic. We are so incredibly grateful for the wonderful staff we have been given and for their unending commitment to seeing our children and their families succeed.

The Philippines is now beginning to roll out vaccines for frontline workers, such as healthcare workers and those providing community assistance. The LCP staff is now on the list to receive vaccinations as soon as  possible! Praise the Lord! We know that the vaccine will bring much needed peace of mind to our staff as they continue to serve in the communities. According to community officials, they should be receiving vaccines by the end of May.

After all frontline workers are vaccinated, then other members of the community will be able to get the shots as well to increase heard immunity. It is unclear when our community members will be able to be vaccinated, but we have hope that by the end of the year, most everyone will have had the option to be vaccinated. LCP has been so blessed to only have a few cases of COVID-19, and thankfully, those cases were very mild with a quick recovery! The Dumaguete officials have done an outstanding job putting precautions in place to help curtail the spread of the virus and with everyone working together, they were able to largely control any outbreaks on the island.

LCW staff have all started the vaccine process, and will all be fully vaccinated by the end of April. This is great news! We look forward to the day when we can all return to a normal way of life and be able to gather together again. By 2022, we hope to be able to travel to the Philippines again to be able to spend time with the people of LCP in Dumaguete City. Thank you all for continuing to support LCP members during this difficult time. You have truly made a difference during the financial uncertainty of this pandemic.