Graduation time is always such a special experience at LCP. Graduation from High School is a highly sought after milestone, and for many of these graduates, they are the first in their respective families to graduate. This year, there were 47 High School graduates, and many of those will go on to study in College! We are so proud of our high school graduates!

This year, there were only 4 college graduates, but we are thrilled to see them finishing our program with a degree and ready to enter the workforce! We  believe that a college education is the best way for our members to be able to remove themselves out of the grips of poverty. All the sponsorship assistance they have received all throughout their time at LCP has culminated in this moment of achievement.

The graduates pictured are:

Dona Mae Rahiol—Associate of Medical and Dental Assistance
Diane Enid—Associate of Medical and Dental Assistance
Ivy Montiel—Associate of Medical and Dental Assistance
Angelika Tayko—Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Other awards pictured right were given for exemplary college scholars:

Mary Antoniette Casipong – Best in SWAP
Harell Roda – Best in Participation
Dolce Marie Yocor – Scholar of the Year

As with most things, COVID has limited our options for being able to celebrate our graduates, but it does not take away from their achievement and their years of hard work. We had a socially distanced, small banquet on July 22, 2021 for the graduates and awardees only. Other students and guests were not allowed to attend to comply with COVID regulations.  Masks and face shields were worn the whole time only with the exception of a few pictures.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! We look forward to what the future will hold for these graduates! Thank you to all who supported them in their journey!