31 Years and More

October 13, 2018 marked 31 years since the foundation of  Little Children of the World, Inc.  Founders, Dr. Bettie “Nanay”  Elwood and Peggy Houk, have been an integral part of LCW’s ministry. Bettie and Peggy along with their late husbands, Doug and Dean, and late brother, Luther, founded LCW and LCP with the vision to create caring, Christian communities for the world’s children at risk so that they may be able to escape poverty and abuse. During the biannual LCW joint board and  advisory council meeting Bettie, 87, and Peggy, 93, announced their official retirement from the advisory council. Bettie and Peggy have both served as Board of Directors and Advisory Council members. Bettie served as LCW President from 1987-2009 when current president, Glenna Waller, was elected. Peggy served as the LCW Treasurer and Writer/Editor for all the ministry publications. Both have served diligently and faithfully once their vision to start LCW came to fruition. For over 31 years,  Bettie and Peggy have been the backbone of LCW well into their retirements when most people would no longer be working at all. They have left great shoes to fill, but their vision and mission will live on.

As we reminisce on the past 31 years, we are so grateful for all that Bettie and Peggy have done for Little Children of the World. So many lives have been changed because they cared and worked to change the world one child at a time. The world is truly a better place because they lived their lives in obedience to the Lord.

Thank you Dr. Bettie Elwood and Peggy Houk for your vision and initiative to start this ministry and your commitment to serving the children all these years.