When LCP was gifted with Hope Village last year and moved all our residential shelter children, it became clear there were some  improvements needed in order to best serve our children. In order to make these improvements we applied for a grant from the Rotary Club of Honolulu. Our grant was accepted in part, but they were so kind to contact the YMCA of Cebu to cover the rest of the finances. Between the two groups, they gave $47,680 for improvements at Hope Village which include, raising the outer fences, a basketball court with benches, repairs to the covered garage, a new multipurpose building, a covered walkway, solar panels for the Wee Women Dorm, and some cosmetic painting.

In addition to their already generous grant, the YMCA Cebu sent a team of workers to do much of the labor and the Rotary Honolulu coordinated a group of volunteers from Rotary Honolulu, YMCA Honolulu, YMCA Hiroshima, University of Hawaii, and Nan Inc. to come contribute to the work. Unfortunately, due to the COVID–19 outbreak, much of the work has been stalled and most of the volunteer groups were not able to come, but there has still been terrific progress in completing the projects. We are so grateful to Rotary Honolulu and YMCA Cebu for their generosity and hard work to make this project happen. All the children are already enjoying the basketball court, and have spent much of their time in quarantine organizing tournaments and practicing their shooting. We are also relieved to have the solar panels fully installed to help lower the electricity bills and the outer fences raised to have increased security for the children. The multipurpose construction is underway (pictured above), but has been paused during the quarantine.

We are so blessed to have such good partners and willing volunteers to make projects like these happen. We look forward to seeing these projects be completely finished soon. Thank you so much to Rotary Honolulu and YMCA Cebu for your generosity and hard work. We missed being able to host all of the volunteers, but we are grateful for their willingness to come and make a difference. Thank you to all who have supported our dorms during the transition to Hope Village and beyond!