All I Want for Christmas

I don’t want a lot for Christmas… there is just one thing I need… SPONSORSHIP

Christmas is a special time where we can celebrate the birth of Jesus through giving of gifts. For many of the children in the Philippines, the gift they receive from LCP will be the only Christmas gift they receive. It may just be a doll or a toy car or a nice dress, not the lavish Christmas gifts children in the western world are typically accustomed to receiving, but the children are so overjoyed! They are so thrilled to receive anything for Christmas.

While these Christmas gifts are a blessing, each month these children also receive sponsorship, which is the gift that keeps on giving even after the Christmas trees are put away.  Currently, we have over 200 children waiting to be sponsored. All these children want for Christmas is someone like you who is loving enough to invest in their life and give them a chance at a better future through sponsorship for $35 per month.