Christmas at LCP is a very special and festive season. Each year the LCW Staff asks our Sponsored Children and their Mothers and Fathers what they would like for a gift. Surprisingly, for Christmas 2018 the Mothers asked for “a can of SPAM” for their Christmas dinner.  While Americans feast on ham and turkey for their holiday meal, Filipino Moms request a can of SPAM. Ann Crittenden led the charge to fulfill that request, and with the help of other Board members and friends, 2,406 cans were collected and delivered in time for Christmas 2018! When the Mothers were asked what they would like for Christmas 2019, SPAM was again at the top of their list and 2,500 cans were collected and delivered!

Since Ann is also spearheading the SPAM project for Christmas 2020, she decided to ask the Manager at her local Sam’s Club if he could help. He immediately suggested that she apply for a grant, which she did. Shortly thereafter she was informed that her grant application was approved. To the left is a photograph showing the local Sam’s Club Manager presenting to Ann and Don Crittenden a check for $500 made payable to LCW. Thanks to Sam’s, these funds will be used to purchase many cans of SPAM for LCP Moms for Christmas 2020! If you would like to contribute to this year’s exciting SPAM project, please email Ann Crittenden at Thank you!