Multi-Program Matching Gift Campaign: $30,000

Multi-program matching gift campaignLCW programs are holistic ministering to the whole person, both physically and spiritually. We use the acronym HELPS to describe the services provided to all sponsored children and their families: H—Health and Shelter Housing, E—Education at all levels, L—Livelihood trainings and opportunities, P—Peace and Faith in Jesus, and S—Sponsorship direct monthly support. While sponsorship payments assist with each family with expenses, access to all the HELPS programs are really what makes our sponsorship program stand out among the rest.

We are always in need of supporters for HELPS programs that are critical for the success of sponsored children and their families. These programs make sponsorship an overall impactful investment. Every sponsored child and their family can benefit well over $35 per month through the HELPS programs. Consider giving a matching gift today or adding a monthly recurring gift for one of these programs.

Multiple donors have given generously to support 3 key HELPS programs for a matching gifts campaign: the 5 residential shelter Houses, Educational programs like Preschool, and the Peace & Faith program. You can double your contribution and make double the difference right now, and we need your help! This is a multi-program matching gift campaign! Gifts to each program up to $10,000 per program, $30,000 total, will be matched until July 31. Please enjoy the stories in this issue that highlight each of the programs being supported in the match!

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