Ronilo Gives Back to LCP Preschools

Ronilo’s journey with LCP started when he was in Preschool at just 4 years old. Our preschools teach the basics of reading, writing, English, and math as well as biblical principles. He continued attending LCP after preschool and was sponsored all throughout his education. After graduating from high school, he was granted a college scholarship to pursue university. In 2022, Ronilo graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from NORSU and fully completed the LCP program as an outstanding scholar. After graduation, he began working at a local   hotel. While he enjoyed his work, he felt the Lord calling him back to LCP to give back and pay it forward to the organization that changed his life.

In 2023, Ronilo was hired as the Preschool, School on Wheels, and Library Coordinator. Now, he spends his days enriching the lives of the over 100 preschoolers in the same situation he was in just a few years ago to grant them a strong educational foundation through a Christian lens. He has assisted in reinstating the School on Wheels Program for out-of-school youth currently serving 12 students that was paused during the pandemic, and he has also helped revamp the library and computer lab to promote early literacy and access to the internet for assignments. We are so proud of Ronilo for being a sponsorship success, and for how he is playing a part in changing lives of children like he once was. Thank you to all who support the educational programs like preschool.

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