Easter at LCP 2024

Easter at LCP brings everyone together to celebrate the risen savior! This year, over 3000 people spilled out of the open-air chapel for a 5am sunrise service coming from near and far for worship. This is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ and the Peace and Faith Program in action.

The Peace and Faith Program is committed to sharing the gospel of Christ to children and their families. So many lives have been changed eternally through salvation and spiritual enrichment. With rising transportation costs, we have increased our budgets to provide funds to reduce the amount needed for sponsored children and their parents to come to church and Bible studies each week. We also provide Bibles in the local language and in English. Poverty should not prevent a child or their family from being able to engage with other believers in communal worship or with the Word in a language that they understand.

In addition, the Peace and Faith Program regularly does outreach to the community through evangelism, advocacy, and encouragement. Every program from feeding malnourished children, to educational initiatives, treatment in the health clinic, and more are done through a Christian lens and informed by the ideals of the Peace and Faith Program. It is our largest and most foundational program.

The Peace and Faith Program is in need of support in order to provide these services and continue meeting the spiritual needs of everyone at LCP. Please prayerfully consider how you can support the Peace and Faith Program through prayers and financial partnership. All gifts up to $10,000 to Peace & Faith between now and the end of July will be matched by a generous donor!

Learn more about the multi-program match until July 31, 2024