End of School Year Reminders 2024

End of School Year Reminders 2024Congrats to all the graduates and students successfully completing another year of school. We cannot believe another school year is almost in the books! As the 2023-2024 school year comes to a close, there are a few end of school year reminders. We know many of you like to celebrate your student or graduate with a special gift. All gifts for school supplies for next school year and graduation gifts must be submitted by June 10 in order to arrive for graduation celebrations and distribution before the new school year starts. Thank you for supporting your student’s educational aspirations! Education is the only real way to break the cycle of poverty!

Announcement: The Philippine educational system is shifting back to a July-March school year to avoid children and teachers being in school during the extreme heat of the Filipino summers in April and May. This transition will occur over the next two years with the school year starting progressively earlier to allow for minimal lost educational time or an excessively long break.