The WEE WOMEN HOME FOR GIRLS, INDEPENDENT LIVING HOME FOR GIRLS, and ROBERT HANSON HOME FOR BOYS have moved to a new location, Hope Village, which is located adjacent to Consuelo Home for Boys! See related blog, New Opportunities. A huge thank you to Consuelo Foundation and Child and Family Services Philippines for the donation! We chose the name Hope Village to pay homage to Consuelo’s vision, which coincides well with LCW/LCP’s vision, of bringing hope to children in the Philippines.

As of May, the girls and boys living in the LCP shelters have officially all relocated to their new home, and they are loving it!!! The spacious grounds and the larger dorms are an exciting change for the children and house parents alike. There’s plenty of room to run and play outside. The kids are free to be noisy and run within the safety of the property. Everyone is enjoying the fresh air and extra space.

At first, some of the children were worried about making the transition. After all, many of them grew up at LCP. With the transfer came a new home, new school, and some new rules. However, after several months of living in Hope Village, the consensus is that it is so much better than before. Everyone is really thriving there, and the children are still making top marks even with transferring to a new school. With the extra space, we look forward to serving more children in the future. We want Hope Village to be a safe haven and a home for all children who have been abused, neglected, or are at risk. The need is great, so we must rise to meet the need.

The Wee Women Home for Girls is in need of support to meet their yearly budgets for feeding, clothing, and supporting the school needs of 26 girls plus an additional 8 in Independent Living Home for Girls! Also, with the move to Hope Village, maintenance expenses have increased along with our ability to take on more children. We are asking you to come along side us in supporting these children living in the shelters, because without us, they would have no one. Please consider supporting the Wee Women Home for Girls.