Thank You Consuelo Foundation and CFSPI

Little Children of the World is very excited and blessed to announce that Consuelo Foundation and Child and Family Services Philippines (CFSPI) have donated the property and buildings where the Consuelo Home for Boys and the Independent Living Home for Boys stand as well as the adjacent   property containing the former Rainbow Village. Rainbow Village was an orphanage facility under CFSPI housing children in 9 buildings for many years. This property is beautiful and spacious and very  conducive to raising children. LCP will be able to expand the number of children they are able to serve and have more space for activities. LCP is thrilled to be able to move all of our residential shelters to this facility at the beginning of May. The Consuelo Boys property will continue to function as it has been for many years. With the transition to the former Rainbow Village Property, the LCP Daro Campus will see many changes. The former Wee Women Dorm will be split between Livelihood and the Youth Programs. Livelihood will transition from their current downstairs office upstairs, and the Handclasp therapy center will move indoors in its place. The current   Handclasp center will become a children’s worship center and classroom for alternative learning students. We are very much looking forward to these changes and developments that will come in the near future. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Patti Lyons, Consuelo Foundation, and Child and Family Services Philippines for the donation of this land and buildings. We will be faithful to complete the mission set forward by Consuelo, herself. She will be looking down from heaven pleased to know she is still making a difference. We are so thankful for these properties and the opportunities they create for our children. We look forward to many lives being changed in the future through this donation. 

Peace Shelter

The Shelter for Homeless Children or Peace Shelter, as it was called, were the very first projects started by founder, Bettie Elwood, when dreaming up Little Children of the Philippines. In an unfortunate turn of events, the Peace Shelter was lost and no longer used for the benefit of children in need. Over 30 years have passed, and the court finally ruled that the Peace Shelter should be returned to LCP. Praise the Lord!!! Many years of praying, countess tears shed, and much hard work has gone into the reacquisition of this property. The building has been completely renovated, and is almost ready for habitation. LCP will used the building as a rental facility for students and working adults in Dumaguete as a sustainability project. All of the profits will be used to fund the residential shelter budgets. The LCW board of directors with the recommendation of the advisory council has elected to name this building Nanay’s House to pay homage to Nanay Bettie Elwood who started this project and worked so hard for the children.