“I am a boy who grew up without a mother. She left me when I was still six months old. My father did his best to take care of me. Years passed and my dad married another woman and they had four children. My stepmother was very cruel; she hits me and doesn’t give me food. I was not in school because my stepmother wouldn’t allow me to enroll. I was suffering and it made me hopeless. I decided to run away from home. I went with my friends and went to the streets to beg. LCP gave me a place to live where I can eat three times a day and go to school. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I am very blessed because I was provided with everything in every aspect of my life. The social workers and the housemother’s love have helped me come out of the darkness I came from. I became hopeful again and found forgiveness in my heart. Through LCP, I was able to live the life I wanted and to finish my education. I have graduated from Senior High School and I am ready to be in college next school year. This would be very impossible to achieve without the help of LCP and my sponsor.”

Jelfres Ayco, Consuelo Home Resident

“I am a product of a broken family and I live with my grandmother and 3 siblings. It was really hard growing up without my parents but I’m very grateful to my  grandmother for raising me and my siblings all by herself, for doing everything she can just to provide our basic needs. My brother and I even tried looking for plastics, cans, and metals that can be sold to a junk shop. During my elementary days, our meal consists only of a little rice and a cup of coffee that my grandmother divides it equally so that all of us will be able to eat. There were also times when we only eat one meal in a day or went to school with an empty stomach and goes to school walking a few kilometers. Through my sponsors and donors I was able to get my   education through college, and I was even able to go on to study my Master’s degree. I am so grateful to God for everything he has done into my life and most   especially for bringing me into LCPFI. A foundation that is like no other, the sponsors, donors, and the LCPFI staff have rewarded us for doing well in school with the empowering feeling that good things come from striving hard, they truly care about their scholar’s well being and success. Through LCPFI, I’ve come this far in life. They have helped me in so many ways. It also paved the way for any success I have achieved. The hardships that I have encountered strengthens me and drives me to strive harder to reach my goals and most specially tightens my faith in God.”

Angelica Casteñares, LCP Alumnus

You are making a difference and changing the lives of children so that they can break the cycle of poverty, just like someone did for Jelfres and Angelica! Thank you for continuing to support LCW/LCP so that lives like these can be changed. Because of you and your generosity more  children are given a chance at a better future through education, and our graduates succeed!