The Wee Women Shelter for Girls is a safe haven for girls all over Negros Island who have been abandoned left to fend for themselves, sexually and/or physically abused by family members or neighbors, and/or severely neglected. Up to 30 girls ages 5 and above can stay there until it is either safe for them to return to live with their family, or they can move into the Independent Living Dorm for Girls until they have finished their education and have successfully entered the work force.

These girls have experienced horrors that no person should ever have to endure, often perpetrated by the people they consider closest to them. However, the Shelter offers them a place to go where they will be safe and holistically cared for 24/7. Most importantly, these girls are loved! They are smart, talented, strong, and beautiful girls who deserve every chance to be successful. With all their needs met and an opportunity for education, they now have a chance at a brighter future. Jane Rose and Niña (pictured above) came from completely different places, but both their mothers died, and their fathers abandoned them and their siblings. LCP stepped in and gave them a home where they can grow and learn without fear. So many other girls have the same story, but they are not forgotten.

It is our hope that every child will have a safe a nurturing home. The Wee Women Shelter is in need of funding to cover its budgets for this year. Please consider supporting the Wee Women Shelter.