Melanie Caducoy: Unfaltering Faith

“As a child, I was timid and shy. I struggled with self-confidence. We didn’t have financial stability when I was growing up. Money was tight, and we often had to make sacrifices to make ends meet. However, despite our financial struggles, my parents taught me to be a kind, caring, and resilient person. However, LCP has helped me blossom in ways I never thought possible. My mother and I waited faithfully for five long years to be sponsored. Our prayers were answered when we heard someone had chosen me to sponsor.

“Sponsorship was a tremendous help to us, not just in my studies or financially, but also in my spiritual journey. Through their programs and activities, I have been able to grow in my faith and develop a deeper connection with God. The Parent’s Bible Study my mother attended has been especially meaningful to me and my family. It has provided us with a space to come together, learn, and reflect on God’s teachings. The Worship Service and Sunday School have also been a great source of spiritual nourishment and inspiration to me especially when faced with challenges in my studies. Through the Youth Bible Study every Saturday, I learned that it was okay to spread my wings and be confident. I was able to connect with other young people, and we encouraged and supported each other. I felt like I had found a community where I belonged. Venture Youth Camp changed my life.

“Other than my parents, my sponsors, Dr. Joseph and Auntie Elizabeth Potaski, are my greatest inspirations in life. I strongly believe that God brought our lives together. Their unconditional love and support have helped me in immeasurable ways, and I would not be where I am today without them. They are Angels sent from above to help me achieve my goal of finishing my education. I finished a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English in 2019. Now, I am serving as the Sponsorship Coordinator at LCP investing in all the current sponsored children’s lives.

“I am filled with gratitude to LCP for recognizing the importance of nurturing the whole person. They have shown me that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. Now, I am able to give back to others in the same way that they have given to me. I encourage you all—You can be an agent of change! You can be the source of hope that a child greatly needs to make their dreams become a reality!”

Melanie is a tremendous example of the impact LCW and sponsorship can have! Her dreams came true, and now, she is helping those dreams come true for others as the Sponsorship Coordinator at LCP!