Housing Program

Typical Housing

A typical Filipino home is made with banana wood and bamboo, or they are pieced together with tarps, pieces of plywood, or other found materials with a dirt floor. A thatched roof is usually constructed using banana leaves. Only the nicest homes are made with cinder blocks and tin roofs. Usually the home only has one room. Families sleep together on the floor on a bamboo mat. The comfort room (bathroom) is located outside the house. A “dirty kitchen” is usually created near the house with a fire pit to prepare meals. Most homes do not have running water or electricity.

The Dorms

The children who live in our residential dorms are victims of extreme poverty and/or neglect, and they are often victims of abuse. LCP has five residential dorms. They are the Wee Women Dorm, Hanson Daro Boys Dorm, Consuelo Boys Dorm, Taclobo Independent Living Boys, and the Independent Living Girls Dorm. If possible, we attempt to reunite children with their families if the home situation is deemed safe by a social worker. Financial partnership with the Residential Dorm Programs help these children living in our dorms have a safe place to stay, food to eat, opportunity for education, and loving people to care for them.