Since the formation of LCP, Filipino schools have run on a different schedule than U.S. and other western schools. The Philippine government implemented 7th and 8th grade in 2015 to increase schooling to kindergarten through 12th grade rather than only 10 years. Previous school years have started in June and finished the following March. However, NORSU and all other public universities are changing their schedules to fit most western schools. They will begin classes in August and have graduation in May. Private universities are anticipated to follow suit next year. It is still left to be determined when elementary though high school will change. This year, they will continue their class schedule as usual. Nothing has been announced for certain, but it seems like all schools will swap over to an August through May schedule within the next few years. Please bear with us as we adjust to these changes. We will keep you, the generous sponsors and donors, informed as much as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

This year, college students are getting a little extra summer break, but they will be able to ramp up their service at LCP with that time. They will continue to do their SWAP and participation as usual, and other activities will be arranged to be sure they remain involved with the program. When K-12 make the same transition, there will be a similar break. LCP preschools will also adjust once other programs are running on the new schedule. Thank you so much for helping children and youth at all educational levels! An education is so important for making a difference in their lives. We move forward with excitement for this change!