Twice a year, April and October, the Little Children of the World Board of Directors and Advisory Council meet to make critical decisions about the ministry and its future. This past April 26-27 members from all over the US traveled at their own expense to discuss the future of LCW and celebrate the successes of the programs. The meetings began at 2pm on Friday, and continued late into the evening on Saturday. The most recent meeting was held in Calhoun, Georgia at Belmont Baptist Church.

The LCW staff works diligently preparing for a full weekend of meetings. LCW has four full time staff: Glenna Waller, Marie Lou Abbott, Kalee Korb, Brittany Foster (Philippines) and four part-time staff: Melanie Foster, Mary Kate Blalock, Margie Mangham, and April Clinton.


The Board of Directors is composed of 10 members from 6 states with all different qualifications and skills. Attorney Gerry Champagne sits as the chair. The other members are LCW President, Glenna Waller (daughter of Founders Rev. Dean and Peggy Houk), LCW Treasurer, Melanie Foster (Court Mediator), Cecil Hines (Retired Math Teacher), Dennis Phillips (Retired Tax Accountant), Dr. Don Crittenden (Retired Pastor), Patti Lyons (Former President of Consuelo Foundation and Social Worker), Philip Elwood (son of Founders Bettie and Doug Elwood and Technology Specialist), Marcia Fisher (Chemist), and Laurie Beth Ross (Speech Pathologist). They come from as far as Honolulu, HI and Seattle, Washington to sit on this Board.

The Board of Directors is the governing body in charge of ensuring the organization follows the mission, oversees and supports the President, approves budgets, ensures financial accountability and investment strategies, approves Advisory Council and committee recommendations. The BOD also commits tremendous amounts of time to praying for this LCW/LCP and assisting with fundraising efforts.


The Advisory Council is made up of 22 members from 11 states: Moderator, Janice Lewis, Anita Cole, Rick Crawford, Susan Crawford, Marcia Florell, Dr. John Florell, Betty Swain, Margie Mangham, Stella Naifeh, Bud Naifeh, Sue Paul, Keiko Shimizu-Johnson, Marie Lou Abbott, David Abbott, Dr. Jim Hines, Ellen Flanagan, Dr. Shaundra Eichstadt, Sally Millar, Kristy Champagne, Ann Crittenden, Leah Sneed, and Brittany Foster.

This council gives valuable advice, and recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters regarding sponsor relations, program concerns, needs, and changes in policies. These members are also committed to assist in fundraising and gaining sponsors in their area.

Four volunteers: Jesse and Frances Freeman and Don and Shirley Johnston come to each meeting to prepare meals for the weekend.

All members of the BOD and Advisory Council serve on various committees including Finance, Audit/Risk Management, Sponsorship, Fundraising, Governance, Investment, Livelihood Development, LCP Programs, College, and Volunteer. They follow legal and ethical guidelines as they develop policies, review reports, and ensure the ministry has adequate resources to advance its mission.


Without these committed groups, LCW would not be able to function! We are so grateful for their time, money, both in donations as well as in travel and lodging to be a part of these governing bodies, as well as their commitment to the betterment of thousands of poverty-stricken children’s lives. Each Board and Advisory Council Member prays fervently for these children and works hard on their behalf. We are very blessed to have such a great team working along side the staff to make this ministry happen!  We are thankful to God for His mighty hand that provides wisdom, guidance and blessings each day.