Praise the Lord for all His goodness!!! In March, it was my joy to attend the graduation events Preschool through College. Thank you sponsors and donors for opening your hearts and providing help and hope to these children and youth. All graduates were filled with joy and gratitude, as they shared how their lives have been changed forever, because of you. Together we are making a difference by spreading love, giving help through financial partnership, and bringing hope to those who have none through sharing Jesus and breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

April 26 & 27 thirty members of the LCW Board of Directors and Advisory Council met to celebrate the successes of LCW/LCP and plan for the future.

The residential dorm children and youth are excited to be moving to a new facility. We are extremely grateful to Consuelo Foundation and Child and Family Services Philippines for their gift of the beautiful land and buildings. Thousands more children will be touched with peace and care because of their kindness and generosity in the years to come. This move will increase the dorm budgets so we reach out to you to help us meet this need. We know you love these children and want to help LCW/LCP change their lives by sending your donation today. 

Thank you for being a blessing. We are grateful to you for helping us be the hands and feet of Jesus. Together we can change the world one child at a time. Remember the world might be different tomorrow because you are important in the life of a child, today. May God bless each of you for  caring and sharing! 

With love and prayers,


Greatest Needs:

There are over 200 children waiting for sponsorship. If you are willing to host LCW staff for a sharing event at your Sunday school, civic group, book club, etc. please let us know! Help us spread the word about how people can help children in need!