This year has been incredibly tough. This pandemic has affected everyone in some way. Non-profit organizations like LCW are scrambling to find funding to be able to support everyone who has been affected. There are days that seem there is no end in sight, but we remain hopeful and grateful for the support we have received so far. If you are able to help in any way, your partnership, even more than usual, will make a significant impact.

Gifts to URGENT NEEDS help where ever the need is. These funds can be allocated to help with any program or COVID response. A gift to URGENT NEEDS ensures your money is used where it is needed most!

The WEE WOMEN HOME FOR GIRLS is a residential shelter for girls aged 6-18 who have been rescued from abject poverty or abuse. The CONSUELO HOME FOR BOYS is a residential shelter for boys aged 13-18 who have been on the street or have experienced extreme neglect. These girls and boys are in our 24/7 care, and under quarantine, they are unable to leave our facility. Even school will be conducted in a modular format at Hope Village until further notice. These shelters are in need of financial help to continue caring for children in these unusual circumstances

FOOD PACKAGES for your sponsored family or a gift to the COVID Response Fund will allow your gift of a food package to go to the family with the greatest need whose sponsor may not be able to give a food package directly. We are doing the best we can to make sure our members are not going without food. We need your help.

Please consider a gift to address these needs. We pray you are all staying healthy, and we are grateful for your support. Please continue to pray for sustenance for LCW/LCP and our members.