My heart is so full! Brittany and I have just returned from the Philippines, and I again saw firsthand how God is at work through LCW. We have an amazing staff at Little Children of the Philippines who work endless hours to empower our parents and families while sharing God’s love. We hosted a staff retreat and focused on team building, time management and responsibility. Our staff members work hard, but they like to have fun. They love a friendly competition!

During our visits to each of the communities LCP serves, we were welcomed like celebrities! We enjoyed beautiful singing and native dancing, delicious food, and gorgeous flowers. Each community has a task force, who visits schools and the homes of members, and volunteer paramedics, who are trained in first aid and emergency procedures. Weekly Bible studies are conducted by community volunteers and LCP staff. Most communities are managing microloans for livelihood projects, and all are sharing offerings for the sick and bereaved. LCP is truly living out LCW’s mission—to create caring Christian communities.

Worship at LCP is truly a blessing! The open-air chapel overflows with praise, led by the youth choir and praise and worship team. Peace and Faith is the heart of our ministry and is integral in all our programs. You can see its impact during our worship services. Even if you do not understand the language, you can still feel the presence of the Lord.

Thank you for your support of LCW! Together we are making a difference by sharing the love of Jesus!