For any Christian, Easter Sunday is a special day, and this is certainly true at LCP.

The annual sunrise service begins at 5:00am, but many were already there at 4:00am! The members walk long distances and travel on crowded public transportation to be able to come to LCP for this special Easter service.

Preparations began much earlier in the week. Traditionally, each family receives hard-boiled eggs and bread. Our staff cooked 2,100 eggs and lovingly packed over 2,000 early morning snacks with eggs, bread, and coffee packets. These are always a special treat after the early morning worship service!

During the service, the youth theater group presented an Easter drama, the choir sang, Pastor Mercy preached about the resurrection, and one could feel the presence of God in the gathering. Over 3000 people attended! People were standing several rows deep on every side. The crowd overflowed from the multi-purpose into the surrounding areas where it was still dark! The crowd was so large, our staff could hardly get through for announcements!