One room, no kitchen, dirt floors, crumbling walls made from used plywood scraps, tarps, and bamboo matting—it is not much, but it is what Jenieflor, her two brothers, Jeffrey and Jefferson, and parents, Florejane and Jennifer, call home. They struggle to put food on the table. There are days they cannot even satisfy their hunger at all. Every day is difficult not knowing where the next meal will come from.

Jenieflor’s parents never finished elementary school. It’s not that they weren’t smart enough or willing to go to school, but their parents could not provide for their educational needs, so they left school to work or do things around the house. Her father works as a laborer doing odd jobs when he is needed. If he is called for work, he is paid; when he is not called, there is no income for the family at all. Her mother must stay home and help care for the children, the youngest of whom is just 2 years old. They never know from day to day what the next day’s income will be. Education cannot be a priority when food is uncertain.

That is until sponsorship changed this family’s life! In September, a wonderful person answered God’s call to sponsor Jenieflor. Now, food will always be on the table and educational expenses will be met. They will never have to wonder about their basic needs being met, and they will have the support of LCP HELPS programs for so much more.

There are so many families just like Jenieflor’s. They are doing the best they can with what they have, but they just need a Hand Up to a better future through sponsorship. It has only been two months, but sponsorship has already made a huge difference and given them hope for tomorrow.

Jenieflor wants to be a teacher someday. Now, she will have an opportunity to get an education all the way through college. By God’s provision through sponsorship, the cycle of poverty will end with Jenieflor, and she will invest in more lives through teaching.

You can make a difference in a child’s life through contributing to Urgent Needs or getting your friends to sponsor a child like Jenieflor! We need your help to make a difference!