We are claiming that 2019 and the coming years will be a time of big growth for the sponsorship program! The advisory council and board of directors have agreed on the goal of reaching 1000 sponsored children within the next 5 years. That’s a big goal, but we know the Lord is faithful to help this ministry as we are committed to doing His work.

What does that mean for you? You can help us reach this goal! As our sponsors and donors, you can be advocates in your churches, Sunday school classes, civic groups, with your friends, and anyone else in your circle of influence. Help us spread the word about what LCW is doing and how people can get involved with sponsorship!

You can do this in any way you feel comfortable, but you can be a huge player in helping more children. For example, you can host an LCW staff for a speaking engagement of any kind. LCW staff are willing to share any time of the year, any day of the week. A sharing event does not have to be big, sometimes small groups respond the best. You can host a gathering in your home, give some time during your church service or Sunday school class, or host a sponsorship drive with your civic club. Anything is possible, and no effort is too small! You can help us change the world, one child at a time.

Will you help by committing to finding one new sponsor before the end of the year? If each of you were able to fine just one more sponsor before the end of the year, we would reach our goal of 1000!  Thank you so much for all you do for LCW/LCP. So many children are praying and waiting for someone to sponsor them. Together, we can make a difference if each one of you can reach one new person to sponsor a child.