Being a sponsor is exciting! You get to invest in a child’s life and watch as they grow. Many sponsors choose to give above and beyond the $35 of sponsorships in additional gifts. That’s great! We are so excited to be able to facilitate a little something extra for your sponsored child. With that being said, often sponsors have questions about what to give, when to give, etc., and even if you’ve been a sponsor giving gifts for years, there’s information in here for you too…

Is it okay if I only give sponsorship with no additional gifts?

Absolutely! Your gift of $35 per month is already a gift that keeps on giving. Anything additional is 100% optional. Thank you for your generosity of sponsoring a child! An email to your child at is free and shows your child you’re thinking about them.

How many gifts can I give to my child?

As many as you like! Some sponsors give small gifts like a food package every month. However, we now limit gifts to under $100 unless they are designated for a specific purchase (i.e. house repair). Some sponsored children may never receive a special gift from their sponsor, and we always want this program to be a Hand Up, not a hand out. Very large gifts and frequent gifts can have negative affects on the child in the long-run. If you’re willing to give large gifts, please consider taking another sponsored child and allow that to be your additional giving. There are hundreds of children still waiting!

When is the best time to give a special gift?

The best times to give a gift for your child and their family are in May before the beginning of the school year in June, their birthday, and Christmas. Keep in mind, you’ll need to send the gift a month before you’d like it to arrive for a special occasion. You can give a check by mail, or by credit card over the phone and online.

Can I send a gift in a box for my sponsored child?

Yes, of course! Boxes are shipped once per quarter, from the Georgia Office and takes approximately 3 months to arrive. Make sure to get your gift to us in plenty of time to make sure it arrives when you’d like it to be there. There are expenses involved in sending boxes, so an additional gift for shipping costs is much appreciated. DO NOT SEND ITEMS DIRECTLY! There are customs fees imposed on the family when they receive the package that they cannot afford to pay for example $25 fee for a small package.

Can I give my sponsored family food package over $20?

No. In the past we have accepted food packages at any value, however, the Advisory Council has ruled it best to limit food packages to $10, $15, or $20 per month per family. Thank you for understanding and complying with this change.

How do I know what my child needs?

The families greatest need will be listed on the Child Annual Progress Report (CAPR). You will receive a copy of the CAPR and an updated picture of your child by October. Please inform us if you do not receive this important information.

Thank you so much for your willingness to give and support a child and family. You are such a blessing