Richard is 6 years old, and he has been waiting for over a year for a sponsor. He struggles with asthma attacks. Sometimes he has asthma attacks as many as four times a week, especially when it is hot. Occasionally, they worry he will have to go to the hospital for treatment when the attacks become uncontrollable. Despite struggling with his health, he is a happy boy who loves riding bikes with his friends. He has dreams of becoming a police officer someday. He actively participates at LCP, and he loves to hear the Bible stories and memorize verses.

Richard’s parents work incredibly hard to support their family of five. His mother works as an on-call laundry woman earning P200 or $3.40 per week. His father works as a contractual construction worker earning P300 or $5.40 per day he is called to work. Both of his parents’ work is dependent on them being needed, so their income is inconsistent. On the days they’re not called for work, his parents try to sell fried bananas in their neighborhood. With this, they can earn approximately P100 or $1.78 per day.

They live in a simple, one-room home (approx. 8x8ft) with dirt floors and light materials for the walls. They do not have water or electricity connection. Whenever he has a severe asthma attack, he needs to use a nebulizer which requires electricity. Since they do not have electricity access, they have to pay to take public transportation 10 minutes away to get to his aunt’s house to use the nebulizer.

Despite their struggle, they hold onto hope that someone will be able to help them through sponsorship. They have been wishfully waiting to be sponsored. They trust that God will provide and help Richard grow up to be a healthy, young man with an education and a chance for a better future. Will you help us find a sponsor for Richard or other kids like him?