JANICE SARITA, MARGIE MANDIN, and RAQUEL VENSUELO, the newest editions to the LCP Board of Trustees, are far from new to LCP. They have been part of LCP for years as beneficiaries, members of the LCP Advisory Council, and even staff. They have seen the program at all levels and are truly committed to the mission and vision of LCW/LCP for the next generation.

Janice Veriña Sarita is the newly appointed Chair of the LCP Board of Trustees. As a child, she was sponsored, and she finished college as an LCP scholar. Janice served on the LCP Advisory Council for 5 years. She is a CPA for the Philippine government and is assigned as an auditor for NORSU, the university where LCP scholars are enrolled. She is an invaluable resource for reviewing all LCP financial documents and budgets.

Margie Mandin is the newly appointed Vice Chair of the LCP Board of Trustees. She was also sponsored as a child. She is also an LCP graduate and is now working as a teacher. After her college graduation, she chose to work at LCP for 5 years as the Preschool Coordinator. She is currently working as a 5th grade teacher. Her experience as a beneficiary and staff member give her incredible insight into creating informed decisions for LCP. We are blessed to have her come back to serve, despite living and working far into the mountains.

Raquel Vensuelo has served as the Secretary of the LCP Board of Trustees recording and encoding the minutes of every meeting, but has not been an official, voting member until now. She also was a sponsored child and LCP scholar graduate. She even served as the Youth Representative to the Board during her time as a scholar in 2004! Now, she works at Dumaguete City Development Bank as the Manager of the Controllership. We are so glad to have her as an official, voting member of the Board of Trustee. Her service in the past has been extraordinarily useful, and she was an obvious choice to step into this role.

These three are giving back to the organization that made such a difference in their lives. The remaining LCP Board of Trustees members are Marla Nomo, another LCP Grad and President of the Community Management Council, Mylene Sumarago, Don Crittenden, Kristy Champagne, Laurie Beth Ross, and Brittany Foster. They are committed to creating policies to help the organization run smoothly. To God be the Glory! You made a difference in lives like Janice, Margie, and Raquel, and now they are giving back for the next generation! Your gifts today change the world for tomorrow!