Times are extremely difficult and everyone is struggling in one way or another.  Our love and prayers surround you and your family. Through it all, we are very grateful that you have not forgotten LCW/LCP and our mission to make a difference to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines. We need your help. Without each of you continuing to give, in whatever way you can, it will be impossible for LCW to help the children/youth and continue the LCP programs that truly change lives. Thank you for your faithful support.

The families in the Philippines are still suffering and only now beginning to be able to slowly leave their homes. Many restrictions are still in place with the island closed down. While interviewing college students last week, it was heart breaking to hear all the difficulties they have endured. With tears running down their face, some students shared how their family had lost their homes or lacked food because their parents had no way to earn money to care for their needs. One common thread was their deep gratitude to their sponsors for their faithful support, saying sponsorship had been a lifeline for them. Without it, they could not imagine what would have happened to their families. Thank you sponsors for being their light in a dark tunnel. Special thanks  also go out to all who gave money for food packages.

Without the ability to travel and speak, it is difficult to raise funds.  We trust God through you to get us through the hardest year we have ever faced in our 33 years of ministry. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and Sharing Love, Giving Help, Bringing Hope, and Changing Lives. May God bless you as you pray how you can help.

Sending Many Thanks and My Love,

Glenna Waller, LCW President