Time is flying by this year, and God is doing amazing things at LCP with your help.  Our July trip was filled with experiences demonstrating all the ways LCW/LCP “Shows Love, Gives Help, Brings Hope in Jesus, and Changes Lives Forever.” My heart was overwhelmed on Sundays as LCP was filled with people everywhere learning about Jesus and how to walk more closely with Him. Seeing the youth lead in the worship service, singing in the choir, the communities presenting special music, hearing the men’s choir sing, and seeing all the people singing and praising God brought me to tears. It was my joy to share Bible study with 5 of the 14 LCP communities. I was blessed to give Bibles to the parents of the Children with Disabilities program and share God’s word with them. On Sunday, we gave Bibles to children in middle school. The Preschool-12 children are back in school, 96 college students will begin in August, Soup Kitchens continue to feed hungry children, School on Wheels brings children from the streets to teach them basic education and self care, and the Health program helps the sick and teaches prevention of diseases in the communities. The new dorms are amazing and the children and youth are glowing with happiness. The staff is incredible and often working beyond the call of duty. Listed here are just a few of the happenings at LCP because you care and give to make a difference. You are a blessing, and we thank you for helping change thousands of lives. We are  partners, and we need your help to continue all the work God has given us to do. Please prayerfully consider giving to one of our programs or Urgent Needs.

With love and prayers,

Glenna Waller, LCW President/CEO