The boxes have arrived in Dumaguete City, Philippines just in time to be unpacked and for THOUSANDS of gifts to be prepared for all the LCP members! This process takes several weeks to complete plus the distribution process will take several more weeks this year, due to the pandemic. All clothes are sorted by size according to approximate grade level, then the 14 communities are assigned to a staff member/s who will prepare a gift for every person in that community. Each gift contains a few items of clothing and a special gift from the Christmas collection: SPAM for the mothers (Everyone’s favorite!), a screwdriver for the fathers, a small car, doll, yoyo, or toy for the young children, a book or a bag for the youth!

The distribution usually takes place in one large event at LCP, but this year that is not safe. In a commitment to the safety and health of our members, Christmas gifts will be distributed in small batches in the communities with strict social distancing and face covering rules implemented to reduce possible exposures. We are discouraging our members from having large holiday gatherings for both Dumaguete Fiesta and Christmas.

We are so grateful to everyone who gave items or funds to make this Christmas special, and to give a special gift to someone who may not get anything else for Christmas. Although COVID-19 will hinder our usual celebration gatherings and prolong the distribution process, this Christmas will still be very merry, bright, and blessed!