Mail Delay

Due to delays in the postal service that are out of our control, our publications and other mail have been taking much longer than expected to arrive. We send out quarterly updates in the form of bulk mail newsletters as well as many other mailed updates from your sponsored children and our office. All have been affected by the mail delay. In the same notion, donations sent by mail may take longer to arrive and be processed by our office.

Our last publication, Winter 2024 Jericho Street Echoes, was mailed February 12, 2024, however, it has not yet arrived to our subscribers. Unfortunately, they are in the hands of the postal service, and we are not able to track their whereabouts. If you would like to receive publications by email, please fill out this form. You can also view a full pdf version of the article here. We will continue to monitor the status of the Jericho Street Echoes and provide an update, if available.

Due to the recent lack of reliability of the postal service, our recommendations are:

  • Utilize online transactions for donations or sponsorship payments whenever possible. You can use a credit card or a bank draft and there are options for recurring gifts.
  • Sign up for email publications to cut down on mail costs and avoid delays.
  • Never send cash via mail.
  • Check our website and social media accounts regularly for any updates.

Thank you for being a loyal LCW supporter. We always do everything we can to provide the best donor experience possible.

Affected Initiatives:

DENTAL CARE MONTH – extended indefinitely
SHELTER MATCHING FUNDS – extended until March 31

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