COVID-19 continues to rock the world as we enter 2021. LCP was completely spared of any cases for the  entirety of 2020. For that, we are very grateful. However, LCP recorded its first 2 cases of COVID-19 in January. Both were family members of sponsored children. Thankfully, both were mild cases that did not require hospitalization, and they have both made a successful recovery without spreading the virus to anyone else. We applaud our partner the Dumaguete City Health Department for their diligence in handling the pandemic. While it has been difficult, they have managed to keep infection numbers low.

While things have opened up much more since the enhance community quarantine, restrictions are still widely observed and enforced under general community quarantine. Facemasks are required everywhere outside of your own home, and being in public without one is punishable by a fine. Face shields along with masks are required in many establishments like government buildings, banks, and grocery stores. Contact tracing paperwork with name, address, phone number, and a certification that you have not travelled or come into contact with anyone who is COVID positive within 14 days is also required before entering any establishment. Someone will also take your temperature and provide you with hand sanitizer as you enter.

Young children and elderly are encouraged not to go out without important reasons. Restaurants, while open, will only serve around 50% of their capacity in order to allow for social distancing. Schools continue to meet virtually or via modular learning. At LCP, we continue to monitor the status of our members and help when needed. Thank you to everyone who has provided food packages for your sponsored families. These mean more than you will ever know during a very difficult time.