What will LCW being doing in 10 years? 20 years? Or even longer? The Endowment Fund is money set aside to ensure that all our programs continue even beyond the current administration and into the future phases of growth. This fund is our insurance policy savings account to make sure our mission and vision continue to be executed for years and years to come!

This fund is incredibly important for many reasons: long-term ministry stability, financial viability through capital gains on investments, and it decreases the pressure on meeting the annual budgets through creating a safety net for a difficult year. What can this mean for you? How can you help?

Just like all of our programs, the Endowment Fund is in need of support. This can be a financial partnership gift similar to any normal donation to a program you might support, but instead the money is set aside to gain interest, grow in value, and ensure the continuation and growth of the LCW programs in the future. You can even give stocks rather than cash, if that’s what you prefer!

A gift to the Endowment Fund makes a meaningful ‘In Honor’ gift. Whether you need a gift for the person who already has everything, or you would like to give in honor of someone who has passed, an investment in the Endowment Fund will continue to grow and benefit LCW and all our programs long after the gift was given. Also, many of our donors have included the LCW Endowment Fund into their wills as a form of legacy giving. If you are passionate about   Little Children of the World and the continuation of this ministry for many years to come, please consider a gift the Endowment Fund or including LCW in your legacy giving plan.