Sponsorship is so much more than $35 of monthly support. Our sponsorship program is unique in its holistic model of changing lives. While funding for basic needs is a critical aspect of the assistance, the HELPS programs really take sponsorship to the next level by meeting physical and spiritual needs. Every sponsored child and their family members are entitled to HELPS Program services by virtue of being    sponsored. HELPS is an acronym that stands for H: Health services received for all sponsored children and their family members, E: Educational assistance from preschool through college for all sponsored children, L: Livelihood income generating skills training for parents of sponsored children, Peace & Faith—Spiritual enrichment, values formation, and Christian pastoral care for all, and S: Sponsorship monthly assistance grants access to all these programs plus so much more.

We believe these additional programs set our sponsorship program apart and make it so effective for changing lives! Sponsorship is more than monthly support. All of the HELPS Programs are in need of funding and all of the HELPS programs contribute directly to the wellbeing of your sponsored child and their family. Please consider a donation to one of the HELPS programs in honor of your sponsored child and their family.