I recently saw the Justice League (2017) movie where all the heroes from the DC cinematic universe come together to fight against an ultimate villain. At one point before a large battle, The Flash, a guy who is new to the super hero game is nervous, and he looks to Batman, a seasoned veteran, and says “It’s really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff, but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people and run away!”

Batman replies calmly, “Save one.”

Confused, The Flash asks, “What?”

“Save one person,” Batman responds.

Still not quite getting it, The flash questions, “And then?”

Batman, still calm and collected ensures him, “Then you’ll know.”

The battle ensues in usual super-hero-movie fashion, and The Flash quickly figures out what Batman was talking about. He zooms into the heat of the battle and pulls out an innocent bystander, then another, then another, and so forth. In the end, many were saved due to his efforts, but it started with one.

Why am I talking about Justice League? What does this have to do anything about Little Children of the World? Frankly, I spent the rest of the movie thinking about this interaction. I’m not one to contemplate deeper meanings in movies, especially not super-hero movies, unless absolutely forced to in an English class, or something to that effect. But, this interaction was profound, and it wrecked me in a spiritual sense.

The depravity of the world is staggering, and if you haven’t arrived at that conclusion, you aren’t paying attention. Yes, the Lord is so good, and He is still alive and working all the time. However, it is easy to take one look at the wickedness that fills this world and be overwhelmed and feel that the problem is too big to take on.

Scripture is very clear that life on earth will not be easy. The enemy is active: lying, killing, and destroying his way through this world in any and every way possible to draw people away from Christ. And by and large, it’s working.

Sex slavery, forced child labor, drug/alcohol addiction, and the like are driven by crippling poverty in countries like the Philippines. It’s happening all around you. Dumaguete City, Philippines, the ministry location of Little Children of the Philippines is a prime example. The problem is too large to solve even in one city, so what are we to do? I posit that Batman’s advice to The Flash can apply to all of us. Just save one. Then another and another.

One of the mottoes that we work by at LCW/LCP is to “change the world one child at a time.” We are not super-heroes in the traditional sense, but with the Lord’s help and a servant’s heart we can change the world. You cannot do everything, but you can do something. You can save one.

You can save one through child sponsorship for $35 per month. Child sponsorship provides basic needs for a child and their family and gives a child a chance for an education to break the cycle of poverty. You can donate to any of our HELPS programs to make sure make sure all of our sponsored children and their families are empowered and taken care of. You may not have a lot, but something is much better than nothing. Your small something could mean everything to a child in need.

You can read more about how Little Children of the World changes lives by clicking here. If you are interested in child sponsorship, click here. If you would like to contribute to Little Children of the World HELPS programs through financial partnership, click here. Thank you for saving one.

By: Brittany Foster, LCW Administrative Assistant