It is every child’s dream, especially those in our program, to get an education. Our holistic HELPS model is designed to minister to every aspect of the child and their family to give them the best shot at success.

Gabriel was no different, He entered our program as a young boy with cerebral palsy in the Handclasp Program. He and his dedicated mother would come from far away deep into the mountain to be able to avail services and give Gabriel a better chance at living a full life. He received medications and physical therapy. Despite his physical difficulties Gabriel is bright and able to study and get his Education along with his peers in public school, all while learning about the love of God through the Peace & Faith Program. Thanks to Sponsorship, Gabriel was able to attend school in a public school in his area and complete his education alongside his friends in his grade level. His sponsors, Dr. Dan & Pat Scott and DeAnn Worth supported his studies for several years. They also supported his medical needs with the Handclasp program.

Gabriel sang a special song to open the graduate’s recognition in July 2022. The graduates and attendees watched with smiles on their faces proud of what has been accomplished. We are so proud to see Gabriel complete his high school education! With his diploma, he is qualified to work, and will be able to make a living for himself. Congratulations to Gabriel for all his hard work and tenacity to overcome the obstacles that were placed in his way. He is just one example of the effectiveness and life changing ability of the HELPS model.