I think we can all agree that we are ready to get back to the way things were before quarantine, face masks, and social distancing became common place. We have all been affected in some way by COVID-19, but LCW/LCP has had to make massive adjustments to the way the ministry is run. In a world where gathering more than 20 people was banned, weekly community Bible studies, Sunday services with over 2000 people, on-campus therapy for children with disabilities, and a regularly run clinic became near impossible. LCW/LCP has done everything in our power to remain open and helpful to our members throughout these crazy times while still protecting the health of our members and staff.

However, with all schools closed indefinitely for necessary social distancing practices, potentially through the end of 2020 or even longer in the Philippines, and without the possibility for distance learning via video or online classrooms due to lack of access to technology and internet, Education, at all levels, is suffering. With close to 4 months without school and more to come. Students are missing out on crucial learning opportunities that may affect them moving forward in their educational careers.

Thankfully, as we see quarantine measures slowly start to be lifted throughout the USA and the Philippines, we are beginning to see opportunities to fill the gap. Small group tutorials have been able to resume for students with low grades with college scholars or well performing high school students. Students who were already behind may be incredibly behind whenever schools are able to open again, so hopefully having some tutorial in the mean time will help them going forward. We are doing what we can to make access to books, learning materials, and tutors available for other students via a book exchange through the LCP library and community preschool teachers. Students receive a new book every week and are able to read and write a report to keep them in education mode.

These are small things, but hopefully, these small interventions can help students continue learning while staying safe at home with minimal contact with other students until the time schools are able to open again. Education is the key to ending poverty, so we will continue to support our students in every way possible!