Updated Note: all members have made a complete recovery! As of August 10, there are no active cases for LCP members. Negros has improved the total number of cases.

Unfortunately, COVID continues to run rampant in the Philippines. Negros Oriental continues to see higher numbers of cases today than it has throughout the pandemic. By God’s grace, LCP members have been mostly spared from infection, with the exception of only a few mild cases.

Today, there are 7 LCP members who have tested positive for COVID. They live close together in the community, Taclobo, where there has been an outbreak. The community officials are doing what they can to contain the outbreak to this one area and prevent the spread to other communities. So far, the members who have COVID have been asymptomatic or have had very mild symptoms and are expected to make a full recovery. However, please keep these people and their families in your prayers as they make a recovery, and also pray that the outbreak will be contained so other members will not be exposed. Dumaguete remains under lockdown, and LCP is doing all they can to support our members through this very difficult time. Pictured above is the food assistance for the families of those with COVID.

We are so grateful to you all for your unending support of this ministry in our efforts to provide additional support during this time. Your sponsorship, gifts of additional food packages, and donations to Urgent Needs have been of paramount importance to ensure the well-being of our members. Please continue to pray for this situation, and thank you for your continued support!